Suat Autoglass

Our company started its commercial activities in 1992 in Bursa to sell and assemble glasses for buses and minibuses as an individual company.

Instutionalizing on January 2011, in 1250 m2 closed area, for all kinds of commercial vehicles ( buses, minibuses, heavy construction machines, tractor cab frames, train wagons and tram) make manufacturing, selling and assemly all types of sliding frames, roof hatch in different sizes and desings, panorama single and double glasses are done by our staff members who have proficiency on required area.

Our products are used in interior and also many overseas companies like most of European countries, Asian, African, South American and Middle Eastern.

Additionally, our company produces doors and frames for moduler cabines and special designed frames for lifts and chair lifts.

Manufacturing of our company continues according to ISO 9001-2015 norms and focuses on clients satisfaction not to compromise from its quality.

  • To be able to understand customer demands and expectations and to increase customer satisfaction by offering reliable, quality products and services in this direction,
  • Continuous Improvement of all the processes affecting the quality of our products and services with the participation of risk-based thinking and employees
  • Providing motivation of employees and contributing to individual development through Continuing Education
  • Become a profitable organization for make our growth sustainable
  • To increase our productivity by working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers
  • To protect the environment and natural resources we live in,
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements and to act responsibly towards collective responsibility.